SplitBit provides IT outsourcing services for businesses. Our offer is intended for small and medium-sized businesses, state institutions and microenterprises. We can act as organizers, co-ordinators and advisors in IT projects implemented in large companies.

With more than ten years' experience, we can provide high quality IT and telecommunication services.

We have been working for businesses in the sectors of architectural design, contractors, manufacturing, catering and hotel services, publishing, transportation, renovation services, trading, real estate developers, medical services, education, accounting services, lawyers, military. In addition to small and large businesses, we have large clients listed in the NewConnect market.

The solutions we provide and our expertise can help save your money and time. We offer access to most up-to-date software and hardware. We carry out non-warranty computer repairs and provide assistance in dealing with authorized servicers performing warranty repairs. We also know much about the functioning and managing small, medium and large enterprises – therefore we are aware of the problems with IT and telecommunication issues you may encounter every day.


  • rendering services to companies with complex IT environment,
  • building IT departments from scratch,
  • protection of classified information in public institutions,
  • coordination of IT projects valued at several hundred thousand zlotys,
  • implementation of virus protection by safeguarding mail servers and installing anti-virus software on heavily infected computers without interrupting operations,
  • supervision over the construction of IT systems aimed at improving company operations,
  • migration between cell phone operators, which in case of businesses employing several dozen people can lead to substantial savings. Nowadays, transferring 75 SIM cards to another operator may mean annual savings of as much as 37K zlotys,
  • moving an office from one address to another together with ICT infrastructure in one day without affecting business operations,
  • consolidation of redundant electronic mail servers, Web sites and telephone lines, usually resulting from business mergers or acquisitions,
  • supervision over creation and implementation of Web sites,
  • IT outsourcing for companies that need remote and safe access to their resources, as in the case of businesses with decentralized organizational structure or with large mobile workforce,
  • installing computer and telephone networks in buildings,
  • solving hardware and software problems, e.g. in accounting departments, sales departments, warehouses,
  • updating software in complex IT environments without interrupting company operations.

You need us, if:

  • you are unsatisfied with the services provided by your current IT contractor,
  • you do not want to keep an in-house IT specialist,
  • you run a company with many offices that require mobile and dynamic ICT support,
  • your IT department is looking for support in complex IT and telecommunication projects,
  • you want to cut spendings in your IT department,
  • you want to entrust complex projects to a contractor and have your employees carry out other tasks,
  • you want to dissolve your IT department and to have a contractor take over their responsibilities.

Our territorial zone of operations

Most of our clients are located in the north of Poland and along the border with the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Services to companies located in other parts of Poland and abroad are rendered remotely.